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My Style Inspiration



For as long as I knew her, my grandma Miriam had impeccable style. She always wore a dress, ALWAYS! I actually don’t think I ever saw her in a pair of pants. She had the coolest shoes and handbags, and of course her unique jewelry.  But what I truly remember most was her smile. She was a strong and confident woman and that’s what made her beautiful. So I think it’s only fitting that I introduce you to my style inspiration, my Grandma Miriam.


All of her jewelry told a story.  I would often ask her about whatever it was she was wearing, and she always knew exactly when she bought it or when my Grandpa had gifted it to her.  While raising her family in Brooklyn, New York she also worked at a jewelry store. She took brooches and turned them into rings, or altered something she already owned to add another unusual element. My favorite item of hers that she wore almost every day was a chic, but simple, gold necklace with a tiny heart that she had repurposed from her Grandpa’s pocket watch chain.


Later in life my Grandma reinvented herself when my Grandpa passed away.  She was 60 years old, starting a new career, and living in a different state.  She was lucky enough to work with her two daughters and son-in-law, so going to the office was always fun. And of course, she was always in a dress.  Still sharp and stylish, she worked there until she was 89, up until a few days before she passed.


I admired that she was always so put together. Even to this day, when I’m extra tired or having the Monday blues, just like my Grandma, I put in the effort to wear something that makes me feel good.  I learned from my Grandma that feeling comfortable in what you wear gives you confidence.  Though she is no longer with us, I feel her warmth and love all of the time. 


Starting this new chapter in my life is a little scary, but also very exciting.  It gives me comfort to know that my Grandma is smiling down on my entire family.  She is sitting up there in a cool chair with a glass of wine, toasting to her love of family.  And she is doing it in a great pair of shoes. 


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