I started my company as a response to a common request I kept hearing from friends and family: please help me with my wardrobe! Between work and play, family and friends, not everyone has the time to focus their energy on creating the perfect look. Fashion can be exhausting and overwhelming for the untrained eye, with so many stores to choose from, so many racks to sort through, and so many brands to consider.  By offering my experience and expertise, I will guide and support you throughout our time together.  And when we’re finished, we will have built up an amazing wardrobe and a lot of fun memories.             


Prior to Jessica Grabler Style I worked as a buyer in the fashion industry for over a decade: at Jasmine Sola in Boston, and New York & Co. and in New York City. As a fashion buyer, I have curated women’s apparel, shoes, accessories and denim, making stylistic choices that appeal to my clientele. As a fashion style expert and a wardrobe stylist, I am able to edit assortments for any woman out there – choosing colors, silhouettes, and materials ideally tailored for the individual.  


Finding the perfect outfit is as much science as it is art:


  • I have worked with more than 500 brands and I know the size and fit of each brand. 

  • I know what materials are used in brand names, and what pieces of clothing are worth investing in. 

  • I am always up on the latest trends and love sharing this information with my clients. 

  • I have bought for stores as well as online companies, so it is second nature for me to search through fashion websites to find what my clients need.


Your wardrobe will not begin and probably will not end with my help.  I recognize that fashion is a lifetime of decision-making.  I want to empower you, not only to discover beautiful outfits that make you feel amazing, but also to help make fashion more accessible so that you ultimately feel confident in your own stylistic choices.  If you are interested to learn more, please click here.



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My clients tend to be women between the ages of 25-65 who either don’t have the time to shop for themselves or need help putting together a wardrobe that best fits their needs. Whether it’s editing from clothes you already own or sprucing up your wardrobe with new items, I’ll help you feel confident with what you are wearing.  


Many of my clients are starting new chapters in their life and need a fresh look that helps with this transition.  I have worked with new moms who need a “back to work” wardrobe, women in search of maternity clothing or special occasion attire, and women who just want something new to give a boost to their closet.  And if your spouse or partner needs help with their wardrobe, I can be of service as well.  


We can start the editing process in your home, in your closet. When there is shopping to be done we will go directly to stores or shop online.



I believe that every store has certain strengths so I like to go to a variety of places.  Typically we will start out in a department store so we can take advantage of the broad selection of brands and categories. Then I can determine other stores/shops that will best fit your needs.  A few of my favorite brands are: JoieVinceJ BrandRag and BoneSplendidMadewell and Zara.



I have worked as a retail buyer for Jasmine Sola, New York & Co., and for almost a decade. After countless family and friends have asked me to edit their closets and take them shopping I decided to make a career of it.  What better way for me to channel my passion for style? 



As a retail buyer I was conditioned to buy for the customer and not for myself.  At the end of the day it was about what sold and not about what I personally wanted to wear. My job was to curate the assortment that was presented to the customer. I’m here to be your guide and discover what’s best for your personal style.



Fun! I know my way around a store and I keep it real. 




Kate MossJackie KennedyKate HudsonGwyneth PaltrowSienna Miller and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy are all style icons of mine. As you can tell from this list I prefer the classics with some edge to them.  I like to mix high and low price points and I think accessories are a great way to make a statement without being over the top.



My goal is to make you feel confident in what you are wearing now.




I charge an hourly fee for my knowledge, experience and guidance.  Unlike personal shoppers I don’t make a commission on sales. Each session usually ranges 2-4 hours depending on what we are doing that day.  To learn more about pricing, please contact me at



I ask for 24 hour cancellation notice.



I currently live in the DC metro area with my husband and young energetic son. I teach prenatal yoga in my spare time and love living an active lifestyle.



I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.  Feel free to contact me anytime at

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